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Active Lion is a new real estate model. It is fresh, flexible, and simple.

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Become An Independent Brokerage

Is it time to call your own shots? Put your experience and expertise into the new wave of independent brokerages. It has never been easier.

Be Your Own Brand

You have spent time building your personal brand and reputation. With Active Lion, YOU are the local expert. Active Lion is here to support you.

How It Works

We license to you the use of our Active Lion brand and marketing materials, and give you a comprehensive technology package, all for one low monthly membership fee.

Owning your own firm has never been easier!

  • There are no franchise fees and no advertising requirements. You keep 100% of your commissions. You own them. You deserve them!
  • We license you the use of the Active Lion brand and provide you the platform and tools to make it easier to own your own real estate business.
  • You pay only a modest monthly membership fee and nothing more.
  • We keep all your technology and tools up to date so you can concentrate on your core business: your clients. We make it possible for you to work smarter, not harder.
  • With our model, you have the flexibility to change your business format as your lifestyle changes, i.e. individual broker, employing broker, team, etc.
  • Note: You are not hanging your license under us. You will be your own broker. (If you are a sales associate, you may join Active Lion under an Active Lion broker.)
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Individual Brokers

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As a broker, you love your independence. With support from Active Lion, you’ll have the freedom you’ve always wanted.

  • You're the boss

    You call all your own shots. It’s your business!

  • Choose your lifestyle

    Work from your home or a commercial office/retail location – wherever you prefer.

  • Be supported

    Active Lion provides you branded marketing materials, comprehensive technology package and Active Lion’s support.

  • Cost-effective

    There are no franchise fees and no advertising requirements. You keep 100% of your commissions. You pay only a modest monthly membership fee and nothing more.

Employing Brokers / Principal Brokers

Active Lion makes it easy for you to be an employing broker with a team or an office of any size.

  • Support for your agents

    All your agents join Active Lion as members, receive access to our branded marketing materials, comprehensive technology package and Active Lion’s support.

  • Flexibility & control

    Be as large or small of an agency as you wish, with the freedom to change your business structure as your goals or lifestyle change.

  • Maintain professionalism

    Your Team/Group/Office membership also gives you a company website that coordinates with your agents' sites:

    • Office Website with integrated IDX
    • Sales associates roster & personal profiles
    • Sales associates login and lead routing
  • Cost-effective

    There are no franchise fees and no advertising requirements. You keep 100% of your commissions. You and your agents each pay only a modest monthly membership fee and nothing more. (You can establish your own fee structure with your agents at your discretion.)

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Sales Associates

The Active Lion platform is perfect for new and experienced associates.

  • Have a Mentor

    Get the support you’re looking for by placing your license under an Active Lion broker.

  • Efficient

    We save you time and money with our comprehensive technology package, leaving you time to focus on your business at hand: your clients.

  • Effective

    Work smarter, not harder. It’s easy with Active Lion!

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Many platforms have basic modules and charge more for add-on features. At Active Lion our platform is fully featured with all the bells & whistles.

Clean, Fresh Designs

Our designers make sure you look good and equally important, we make sure visitors can easily navigate to the information they want.

Responsive Design

You and your customers are not sitting behind a desk 24/7. So our webmasters make sure you look great and work great on all the different mobile devices.

SEO Designs

It is important to look great, work great, and most importantly – be found! Our platform incorporates control over on-page search engine content.

Lead Capture

We make sure you capture, track and work your leads with our web-based lead management system. Customer interaction can be customized with auto pilot options.

Content Flexibility

Your content and pages can be changed as needed. Ad a page, delete a page, change the content when you want.

Integrated IDX

Your users will be able to search all of the latest up-to-date MLS listings on your website. They have a multitude of ways to find their dream property.

Fantastic Support

We are committed to make your technology package work for you. We have live help plus a library of help videos for you.

Member Forums

Our supportive real estate community is full of experts and they are ready to share, bounce ideas off or lend a helping hand. Brokers helping brokers.


You will be able to view analytics of users to your site so you can track what pages and content may need to be adjusted to keep your users engaged.

Multi Interactive Search Options

Featured Listings

Have your listings show up first in searches and/or feature all of them by themselves.

Map Searches

Your clients can select an area on a map to pull up all properties that fit their criteria

Predefined Searches

You can feature predefined searches to give them the ability to click a button to see the current listings in a price range, area, size, etc.

Facebook Search

Users will be able to search properties from your Facebook page!

Text Search

Users will be able to search through our text search form which includes an auto-suggest widget.

Meet The Experts

Active Lion has teamed up with Zendy Web Studio to provide cutting edge technology that you can rely on and that will work for you.

Lincoln Gill

Founder, Active Lion Real Estate

Lincoln is a second generation REALTOR® who was first licensed in his home state of Minnesota in 1976.

He is presently licensed in both Hawaii and Colorado. He has served as the president of two different REALTOR® Boards in Colorado.

"I've felt driven to create a model that allows real estate professionals to have a brand that evolves as their lives change. I’m thrilled to help Active Lion members develop life-long careers with more ease and fun."

Yacine Merzouk

CEO @ Zendy Web Studio

Yacine is a native of Montreal and has been coding since 1998.

"We create modern, responsive, easy-to-navigate websites. Most of all we provide support and maintenance for all our clients, giving them peace of mind. Providing our Active Lion members what they need, at their fingertips, is the Zendy team’s goal.

Even though we deal mostly with technology we are a people-centric company. Our Number 1 goal is to make your business (and your life) better."

Our Philosophy

We take our motto Life is easy with Active Lion seriously. We are trilled to make it easier for you to help your clients so you can have more time to enjoy your personal life.


When I sign up with Active Lion Real Estate, are you my real estate broker? Do you supervise our transactions?

No, Active Lion Real Estate is not your real estate broker and you are not hanging your license under us. We license to you the use of our Active Lion name and trademarked logo, and our marketing, productivity and organizational tools. You form your own company, and own and operate your business independently.

As an Employing Broker, am I free to set up my own brokerage fees and commission schedule with my agents?

Yes, as an Employing Broker, you can set up any brokerage fee structure and commission schedule with your agents as you wish, subject to laws in your state/province. Active Lion does not participate in any of your commissions. You own and operate your business independently. Active Lion Real Estate does not regulate, recommend or advise on brokerage fees, commission schedules or on transactional or operational policies.

With my present agency I receive compensation when training rookies in our company. Is it possible for residuals with Active Lion when training rookie agents?

You own and operate your own business, so you are welcome to institute residuals or other training compensation within your own company as you wish. Active Lion licenses to you the use of our Active Lion name and trademarked logo, and our marketing, productivity and organizational tools. All other financial arrangements take place within your own company and are outside of our scope.

Your package of products and services is remarkably affordable. How do you do it?

We get asked this question often! We can afford such a low membership rate because we use technology to bring everything to you through our website, eliminating middlemen and sales costs. We’ve invested in the people, processes and infrastructure on the front end, streamlining our business model to save on future operational costs.

We also know that if we help you succeed and make it enjoyable to be a member of our Active Lion pride, you will spread the word and help us grow!

I am an Employing Broker. Do all my agents need to become members of Active Lion?

Yes, as an employing broker, all your agents, sales associates and licensees must be Active Lion members to have access to, or to use any of our tools.

I am a sales associate and I must be licensed under an Employing Broker. May I join Active Lion?

Yes, but you must hang your license under an Employing Broker who is an Active Lion Member.

How long does my Active Lion membership last?

You remain an Active Lion member as long as you continue to pay your membership fee. We hope you stay with us forever! We are designed for the long haul and built so you do not burn out. We want you to have a balanced career that can go side by side with your personal life goals.

Who chooses where I may open my office?

You choose your location. You can work from home, a commercial office or retail location. It is up to you.

I am in the process of getting my real estate license; can I sign up before my license is issued so I can get my marketing in place?

No, membership requires a valid real estate license in your state/province. Once you pass your test and are licensed under an Active Lion employing broker, you may join and begin ordering your marketing, productivity and organizational materials the same day.

If I move, will my membership move with me?

Yes, simply update your profile with your changes on our members-only website and your public information will automatically reflect your new location.

If I sell my real estate business, can I transfer my Active Lion membership to the new owner or anyone else?

No, your membership is not transferrable. If you sell your business, the new owner needs to join Active Lion to continue using the Active Lion name, trademarked logo and the provided tools and materials.

I have unlicensed real estate assistants; can they sign up as members of Active Lion so they are listed in the Active Lion online directory?

No, membership is only open to real estate licensees. You can ad them to your customizable Active Lion website and as a user in your CRM package.

If during my career I want to go from being a sales associate to being my own broker or from being a broker to a sales associate, do I need to cancel one membership and start another?

No. Simply log in to your member portal on our website and update your profile. Your data at that is seen by the public will automatically be updated. You will also want to change your individual website to reflect your new status.

Do I need to be a member of the local, state or national associations of REALTORS® to be a member of Active Lion?

No, although we believe memberships in REALTOR® organizations are beneficial, they are not required for Active Lion membership.

What is your membership pricing?

Principal Brokers:
$347 per month. No setup fee.

Sales Associates:
$297 per month. No setup fee.
One-time fee of $197 if you choose to have a personal website.

Getting Started Is Simple


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$347/month (Principal Broker)
$297/month (Associate Agent)
No setup fee


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From broker websites to a state-of-the-art real estate CRM, we've got you covered.


Leverage our Network, Training, and Community

We offer business training and technology support.


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Your business. Your vision. Your goals. You call your own shots.

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